SV Academy Vacancies 


Job title

Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor Job Description

Work status:

5 days per week

Contract type:

6 month term time contract position from February 2022

Salary range:

 £9 to £15 per hour

Reports to:

Designated Safeguarding Lead/KS3 Lead


SV Academy, 6 Eltham High Street London SE9 1DA

Role Description

To provide general classroom and student support, including;

Job overview and objectives

• Working with pupils in small groups 

• Helping pupils with study skills, revision and examination techniques 

• Supporting anti-bullying strategies and encouraging pupils to build constructive relationships with staff and fellow students 

• Supporting enjoyable activities that will increase young people's skills and confidence 

• Supporting young people in organising their own activities and projects 

• Supporting projects relating to issues like health awareness, the environment, bullying, truancy, substance misuse or crime 

• Helping young people to deal with challenges affecting their learning and work opportunities 

• Supporting student participation and encourage them to voice their opinions and suggestions 

• Preparing and maintaining course equipment, premises and the classrooms, and with the administrative assistant, booking clients onto courses 

• Preparing, distributing and collecting registration forms and other data from clients 

• Supporting the teacher and Head of Learning in the delivery of accredited course 

• Maintaining the security and safety of course and classroom equipment 

• Assisting the teacher with the preparation, recording and mastering of musical materials produced in the classroom 

• Maintaining teaching and learning materials.

Person specification

Main Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Able to command the trust and respect of young people 

• Able to motivate and influence young people 

• Open-minded and non-judgemental 

• Flexible, adaptable and creative in solving problems 

• Sincere, patient and calm, with a good sense of humour 

• Good at teamwork and using their initiative 

• Good at organisation and time management 

• Knowledgeable about relevant laws, such as child protection, confidentiality and equal opportunities 

• Good at administration and using computers. 

• Have excellent communication, listening skills and able to empathise with clients 

• Understand the issues, concerns and interests of young people without being patronisingan ability to prioritise, manage and complete a variety of tasks. 

• Knowledge of Cubase, Reason and music production software OR media production, video production, radio broadcasting, web design or animation software 

• Knowledge of the music / media production process 

• Excellent personal conduct and an ability to act as a role model to clients • A can-do attitude.  

Requirements And Support

 • Required for a 6 month term time contract position from February 2022 (tentative start date). 

• Working up to 5 days a week, between the hours of 9.30am – 6.30pm 

• Post is subject to a probationary period and a starting salary of £9 to £15 per hour (depending on experience and qualifications). 

• Location: 6 Eltham High St SE9 1DA

Expectations, Authority And Accountability 

 • We expect all staff to undertake the agreed responsibilities in a professional manner and to work in a spirit of mutual respect for colleagues in StreetVibes Youth 

• We would expect you to demonstrate behaviour that is consistent with StreetVibes Youth’s values. 

• You will be provided with a briefing to the role and responsibilities and support where identified either pre assignment or during assignment. 

• We would encourage you to engage in the nature of StreetVibes Youth work such as attending youth, music and partner briefings/talks/training, reading e-bulletins, newsletters and other materials, where available. 

• You are accountable to the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead in terms of your activities and tasks and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is accountable to you for ensuring a clear role brief, support and for ensuring your health and safety in the workplace

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