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At SV Academy, we offer a structured, supportive curriculum that embeds linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social and creative learning.

Key Stage 3 / Year 8 & 9:

Our Key Stage 3 (KS3) curriculum focuses on building the five ‘R’s for successful learning:

  • Readiness: Building curiousity, motivation, self-esteem and self efficacy, to enable students to have confidence in their ability and to be willing to take risks to increase their understanding.
  • Resourcefulness: Creating an environment for students to learn from and with others, to respect their learning time and that of others and to learn creatively, in different ways, flexibly and to appreciate how to apply their learning.
  • Resilience: Supporting students to stick to a task until it’s mastered, to keep going even under stress or pressure, and to manage feelings about learning and about teachers, peers and resources
  • Responsibility: Developing own self-awareness, empathy towards others, understanding of how self and others learn, taking ownership and making best use of opportunities to learn, both independently and collaboratively

The Curriculum:

GCSE Qualification

Alternative Educational Provision for Schools and Educational Institutions, leading to a qualification recognised within the National Qualifications Framework BTEC Qualifications at Entry Level (pre-GCSE), Level 1 (GSCE D - G) and Level 2 (GCSE A* - C) Specialist education using the latest music production techniques, advanced technology and interactive media to engage and inspire hard-to-reach learners.

*GCSE Maths

This course provides a strong foundation for further academic and vocational study and for employment, to give students the appropriate mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to help them progress to a full range of courses.

*GCSE English Language

This course provides essential skills for Level 1 and Level 2 academic skills. Learners on the programme will have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills, complete a spoken language study and produce a piece of writing for the spoken voice tasks.

*GCSE Drama

This course helps students develop an understanding of many creative and challenging activities. Assessment for the controlled assessment takes into account the student’s contribution during the preparation period as well as their final performance or design.

*GCSE Media Studies

This course offers extensive and meaning coverage of media theory and practice as well as practical work that integrates theories and concepts. There is a chance to study across a range of different media and opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.

*GCSE Music

This course offers students to learn about the musical language and explore the elements underlying the organisation of sound, through listening to music, performing individually and in a group, composing and appraising music.

BTEC Creative Media Production

This course is an introduction to basic media vocational skills and will cover; Developing Creative Media Skills, Desktop Publishing Software and Using the Internet. Learners may progress to level 1 course programmes.

BTEC Level 1 in ICT Functional Skills

The ICT course will enable learners to develop a range of Information computer technology software skills and will cover the necessary basics of word processing, file management and Internet research.

BTEC Entry Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in WorkSkills

The BTEC Awards in WorkSkills have been designed to offer learners a flexible, relevant course to improve their understanding and application of work-based skills. These qualifications ensure that the knowledge, skills and understanding they provide are relevant, current and useful for learners and potential employers. The qualifications have been designed to support employability.

BTEC Level 2 Award in Creative Digital Media Production

This qualification has been developed to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of media for anyone wishing to explore employability skills for this area. It covers; Digital Moving Image Production, Digital Audio Production, Website Production, Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product, Digital Media Sectors and Audiences.

BTEC Level 2 Award in Music

This qualification will cover essential knowledge about the music industry and will develop creative music skills. It is for anyone wanting to succeed in the modern music industry, where there is a need for personal business management and entrepreneurship. It covers; Music Sequencing, Music Performance, The Music Industry and Managing a Music Product.

BTEC Entry Level 3 Award in Art and Design

This introductory creative art and design course will cover the basics of photography, sketches, websites and leaflet design. It will also include the study of modern print formats such as; magazines, books and other visual communication materials that can be found in libraries. Learners may progress to level 1 course programmes.

BTEC Level 1 Award in Art and Design

This course provides foundation learning for anyone considering employment in the Art and Design sector. It will explore drawing and a personal project using Computers, Video and Still Photography. The course will also cover self assessment and evaluative skills.

BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design

The certificate course extends the work based learning focus of the level 1 Award course and will cover various artistic projects through the use of mixed media materials and the creation of an Accessory Project using Drawing, Painting, Computer Graphics, Video or Still Photography. Successful completion of this course will enable progression to the level 2 course programme.

BTEC Level 2 Award in Art and Design

This qualification will focus on the essential Art and Design creative skills that are linked to the media sector and will cover specialist skills within the pathway through work on creative projects, which will include the following; Photography, Video Production, Digital Editing Software, Product Design, Animation, Drawing, Painting and Graphic Design.

BTEC Entry Level 2 Award in Personal and Social Development

This course aims to explore the skills, qualities and interests needed for success in personal and working life. It is a practical course, which is designed to develop confidence when working on projects individually or within a group. This course will cover the following course units; Working towards Goals, Working as Part of a Group and Developing Self.

BTEC Entry Level 3 Award in Personal and Social Development

This course aims to teach and encourage the skills and qualities in relation to those needed at work and to use this understanding to identify key personal information needed for a job application. This course will cover the following units; Preparation for Work, Dealing with Problems in Daily Life and Managing Own Money.

The Academy offers English and Maths GCSE for full-time vocational learners.

The Centre also offers a range of short courses in the following subjects: Creative Media, Fashion, Drama, Music and Film Making, which can be delivered onsite or at Schools.

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