Ofsted 2022: SV Academy rated a "GOOD" school

SV Academy was inspected by Ofsted in November 2019 and rated as Grade 2: Good. This reflects the consistent committment and hard work on the part of our teachers, students, parents/carers and support staff in providing a fulfilling, relevant and inspiring educational experience for all who attend.  SV Academy is approved to admit students from age 11 to 19 years old and the school was rated as Good across all areas.

Excerpts from the Ofsted report:

"Learners attend lessons regularly because teachers help them to understand the importance of making progress in their learning. Learners compare lessons at the academy very favourably with their prior, often disrupted, experiences of education. Learners develop well their aspirations for the future."

"Teachers select appropriate content for teaching. They organise this logically. For example, in English, teachers start the programme by teaching learners about the different skills for reading, such as skimming for gist or reading for detail. Teachers then help learners to use these foundation skills when interpreting text. As a result, learners are able to make good progress in developing their knowledge and skills."

"Leaders recruit subject-specialist teachers who have a detailed understanding of the content in their subjects. As a result, teachers are able to identify gaps and misconceptions in learners’ understanding and take steps to address these. For example, in mathematics, teachers give individualised support in lessons and set targeted homework tasks focused on areas where learners need more practice."

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