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Post 16 Course

Post-16 We can provide an engaging, alternative equivalent to college, offering 16-18 year olds an opportunity to develop creative digital skills in small, supported learning groups led by inspiring music & media industry professionals. Our courses combine real life music industry skills with key learning and basic skills to accredit participants with a BTEC qualification. SV achieves outstanding qualifications for its students, with the objective of progression into college, training and employment. Students on our creative programmes truly benefit from our world class recording and production facilities. Our teaching staff are experts in their field, but we also maintain active partnerships in place within the music and media industries to ensure that young people get a realistic picture of today’s entertainment sector.

SV Post-16 Study Programme 2020-2021 Enrollment Form

Please complete online or download this form to be considered for a place on a StreetVibes course.

StreetVibes Post-16 Study Programme Preferred start date: September 2021 Other please list:

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Equal Opportunities Form

This must be signed by the member of staff responsible for Information Advice and Guidance at the student’s home school, to indicate support for the application on the basis of the student’s prior attainment and learning style, or by the applicant if over 16.

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