Access to Fair Assessment Policy Statement of Intent StreetVibes Academy (SV) is committed to providing fair access to assessment for all learners/students on qualification-based programmes. Assessment practice will be open and consistent within the codes of practice and regulations laid down by the relevant awarding and validation bodies. Students are made aware of the existence of this policy and have open access to it on paper from their tutor or on the SV student intranet and website. All SV teachers are made aware of the contents and purpose of this policy. This policy is reviewed annually and may be revised in response to feedback from students, teachers and external organisations. Principles of Fair Assessment All assessment must be conducted rigorously and accurately and, where appropriate, in accordance with the awarding body’s published criteria and standards. Formative assessment/coursework designed by SV staff must be conducted by reference to open and defined standards/marking/assessment schemes, covering the required skills, knowledge and understanding. Assessment evidence will be judged according to the principles of: • Reliability: consistent performance to the required level over a period of time • Validity: method of assessment and evidence should be appropriate and relevant to the syllabus/standards • Fit for Purpose: assessment arrangements should be affordable, practical and flexible. The chosen format and method of assessment must be appropriate to the qualification and any conditions specified by an awarding body. • Currency – evidence should prove that the student is competent now • Transparency: Assessment materials should be presented in a way that makes the criteria and the methodology by which learners work is being judged clear to students, staff and external verifiers • Authenticity – evidence must reflect the knowledge/skills/understanding of the candidate. The work of another person must not be submitted as that of the candidate. Other sources can be used in certain circumstances as long as the student references these. Appeal Procedure If a student feels that they have not been assessed fairly then they should use the Complaints Procedure to appeal the assessment decision of their teacher. However, the first step is always to discuss the situation with the teacher concerned, the second step is to involve the Internal Verifier and SV Head of Learning. ___________________ This policy was last revised August 2016.

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Admissions Policy

StreetVibes Media Academy (SV) is a non-selective school. 

The school has an agreed admission number of 40 pupils for entry each day. The school will accordingly admit up to 40 pupils each day if sufficient applications are received. All applicants will be admitted if 40 or fewer apply.

StreetVibes Media Academy (SV) Admissions Register/Comprehensive Student List records the details of every student/learner on the school roll. This includes students who are attending the school on a part-time basis and includes their emergency contact details.

The details that are recorded in the Admissions Register are as follows:

Students’ Information:

· the student’s full name;
· the student’s gender;
· the student’s date of birth
. the date the student was admitted to the school;
· the name of the school the student last attended;
· where applicable, any special or medical needs

Parents and Carers

In addition to the above information SV also records the following for each student:

· the name and address of every parent and carer of the student that is known to the school;
· emergency contact details for two of the parents or carers.

Maintaining the register

SV recognises that it is vital that the register is kept up to date and stored securely, particularly the emergency contact details. SV encourages parents to inform the school of any changes whenever they occur. To help maintain its register, SV requires the following information from referral agencies and schools:

· Students’ full name, DOB, full address, gender
· Parent consent and contact details 
· Medical Needs 
· Social, Emotional or Behaviour Needs
· School or referral agency contact details
· Predicated grade (if applicable)
· Unique Learner Number (ULN) and/or Unique Pupil Number (UPIN)
· Free School Meals eligibility
· Risk assessment (if applicable)
· Statement of Educational Need

Upon arrival at SV, potential students are asked to provide:

· Full name, DOB, full address, gender and contact details
· Emergency contact details and relationship
. Ethnicity
· Disability support requirements
· Social worker or keyworker (if applicable)
· Subject area and general interests.

SV admits:

. Looked After Children
· Siblings of existing students who will be attending the school at the time of admission
. Non-siblings
· SEN, mental health needs, ex- offenders, at risk and NEET young people
.  Any other applicant

School Day and School Year

SV school days are from 9.30am – 2.30pm with a 45-minute break for lunch, usually at 12.30pm. SV term dates are set and maintained in line with the local authority and we are open to all students for at least 380 sessions a year. SV activities outside the normal school day, such as detentions and extracurricular activities are not recorded in the statutory admissions or the attendance register, but are kept in additional non-statutory registers that are used to monitor and support students with poor attendance and/or other issues.

Expected First Day of Attendance

SV has staggered intake days and the expected first day of attendance is the first day of the school year and will be agreed by SV and parent. On the expected first day of attendance, the student will be listed in both admissions and the attendance registers from that day.

If a student fails to attend on the agreed start date, SV will follow up the absence, establish the reason and mark it in the normal way to ensure that the student does not lose his/her place, and that any safeguarding and missing from education concerns are addressed. Students and parent or carers will be expected to read and understand:

· Student Handbook
· Home-School- Student Agreement  
· School & Studio Rules

School Uniform

SV has a school uniform of white shirt, black trousers or knee length skirt, black shoes or trainers and black jumper.  Students who are attending SV on a part time basis or who are on roll at another school are permitted to wear the uniform of their on-roll school. We request that students refrain from wearing clothing with provocative statements, sunglasses, hooded tops and headgear that prevents the students' face from being visible. Students’ general appearance should be neat, clean, and appropriate for study. Students should wear clothing that is appropriately sized and correctly worn and which does not distract other students or interfere with the normal process of the school. Students who fail to abide by the dress code rules will either be asked to wear an item of SV clothing or will be sent home and asked to change and return to school appropriately dressed.

Free School Meals

SV will take guidance from the referral information provided by the school or other referral partners as to whether a student is eligible for free school meals. SV works within the Every Child Matters agenda and in the cases that students are eligible for free school meals, SV will provide a healthy and well balanced lunch menu choice.


This policy was last reviewed 3rd September 2022.