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Health & Safety Policy 

1) The SV Academy (SV) Health and Safety Policy

SV is required under the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to produce a statement of policy with respect to the health and safety of everyone who uses its premises. However, SV will continually strive to achieve the highest possible standard rather than rely on legal minimum. SV also expects staff at all levels to actively pursue increasingly higher standards of health and safety management.

SV recognisesthe importance of ensuring that its employees and learners both appreciate the extent of their individual responsibilities and co-operate fully in ensuring that the Health and Safety Policy and Procedures are observed.

This document is intended to bring SV’s statement of policy to the attention of all its employees and students and to provide details of the organisationand arrangements for carrying out that policy, as indicated by the Act. The policy is supplemented by individual health and safety procedures covering a range of topics and everyone must ensure they are aware of the safety precautions appropriate to the area in which they work.

SVencourages a positive attitude towards safety requirements generally, to promote a healthy and safe working environment for employees, volunteers and learners. 

2) The SV Health and Safety Statement

It is the policy of SV to:

  • regard legal compliance as the lowest acceptable standard and to ensure SVis moving towards "best working practice" in health and safety;
  • to regard health and safety as a core management function;
  • to develop a system of responsibility for and communications of health and safety matters;
  • maintain a safe and healthy working environment and safe methods of operation;
  • ensure the provision and maintenance of premises and equipment to a safe level;
  • ensure the provisions of appropriate resources to meet health and safety issues;
  • state in writing, to all employees (via the Staff Handbook, Health and Safety Policy, Student Handbook and other publications) and learners, their responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of persons and the proper use of equipment provided;
  • provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision, to ensure the health and safety of employees at work;
  • provide as appropriate and ensure the correct use of the approved equipment; 
  • promote an attitude of safe working by employees and learners in all aspects of SV work underpinned by appropriate disciplinary procedures;
  • encourage discussion between management, employees and learners on safety, health and welfare matters; 
  • ensure immediate and accurate reporting and investigation of accidents and incidents;
  • ensure the provision of an appropriate number of specialist safety staff with responsibilities for safety, health and welfare and to ensure appropriate contingency arrangements are made during the absence of such staff to meet the relevant statutory requirements;
  • to develop a system of inspection, monitoring and auditing procedures which will ensure acceptable standards are being achieved acrossSV;
  • to review this Health and Safety Policy not less than once every two years;
  • to make specific arrangements on external sites controlled bySVto ensure that employees are carrying out their responsibilities for health, safety and welfare.


The Health & Safety officer is responsible for the management of health and safety matters within the building.

The Health & Safety officer has been appointed by the Proprietor of School to take a special interest in the promotion of health and safety matters, to provide a first level of advice and to act on behalf of the Proprietor of School in respect of these matters. The Health & Safety officer has received an appropriate level of training for the role, and will receive refresher training every two years as appropriate.

All staff and students are responsible for ensuring that they work in a manner that is safe to themselves and to others, and to comply with the relevant requirements of SV’s Health and Safety Policy. 


ON DISCOVERING A FIRE:               


  1. Sound the alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest call point 
  2. Dial ‘999’ to call the Fire Brigade
  3. If possible tackle the fire using the appliance provided but do not endanger yourself or others doing so


  1. Leave the building by the nearest available exit: SIDE DOOR ON GROUND FLOOR
  2. Close all the doors behind you
  3. Report to the responsible person in charge at the assembly point: OUTSIDE THE WHITE HART PUB
  4. Do not stop to collect personal belongings
  5. Do not use the lift
  6. Never re-enter the building for any reason unless authorised to do so

All staff and students must familiarise themselves with the location of fire doors and fire exits, so that they know as many as possible of the means of escape from the building. All staff and students should know the location of their nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarm call points and instructions for their use. 

Emergency exit routes must remain tidy and free from obstacles.  Staff and students must not leave or store flammable materials on emergency exit routes or blocking immediate access to fire alarms, fire equipment or electrical switchgear. 


The value of the nightly routine of checking for dropped cigarette ends, switching off all unnecessary electrical equipment, and closing all doors to rooms and staircase enclosures, cannot be overstressed. Staff and students are reminded that smoking is not permitted on the premises. 


All accidents, fires, “near misses”, and instances of known or suspected occupational ill health, must be recorded in the SV Accident and Incident Report Book, which is located in the main office. 

All accidents/incidents, except those of a minor nature will be investigated by the appropriate school personnel and any necessary remedial measures, including revised work procedures, training, etc, will be implemented as appropriate. Accidents as a result of a defect in the fabric or structure of the building should be reported to the Health & Safety Officer, Orlando Clement, for action.  

Accidents / incidents of a serious nature must be notified immediately to the Health & Safety officer and will be subject to a more formal investigation.


The First Aid Boxes are located in the Reception, Main Office, First Aid Room and Exams Office.

The nearest Qualified First Aider is Orlando Clement, located in the Main Office

The nearest First Aid Room is located on the 3rdfloor

In the event of any emergency requiring an ambulance, call the Emergency Services (dial 999) and state the precise location and nature of the emergency. 



The majority of the activities carried out by the school are routine and generally low risk in nature and do not require to be formally risk assessed. However, for any activity involving a significant risk, a written risk assessment must be carried out. To assist with this, model risk assessment forms are available in the Main Office and copies can also be found on the SV server. 

Risk assessments must be brought to the attention of all relevant staff and students involved in the activity, and a copy placed on the server. Risk assessments must be regularly reviewed (minimum annually) to ensure the information contained within them remains valid.


A self-inspection (safety audit) of SV will take place every 6 months to monitor the effectiveness of the health and safety policy. The inspection will be made by the Health & Safety Officer.


All staff and students encountering any kind of health and safety hazard at SV should report these promptly to the Health & Safety Officer located in the Main Office, in his or her absence, report to a senior member of staff.


Health and Safety will be a standing item on the agenda of the meetings of the Core Staff and Teaching personnel, which are held weekly. 


School Proprietor: Sonia Ramanah

Head of Learning/Director: Orlando Clement 

Studio/Centre Manager & Health & Safety Officer: Orlando Clement 

Qualified First Aider: Orlando Clement, Sonia Ramanah, Susan Naylor 

Fire Officers: Orlando Clement, Bobbie Smith, Claire Watkinson, Susan Naylor, Molly Mccrossen 

*This policy is reviewed annually. This policy was last revised May 2019.